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''When you're ready to take action,
this free self help site is ready for you.''

You may know why
you feel the way you do

but simply understanding
isn't the whole story.

You may just know that
something isn't right

but you don't know where
to even begin.

Only you feel things the way you do. Perhaps you are feeling stuck or trapped, maybe you can't see any way out of the situation that you're in, and possibly you may have wondered if it will always be this way...

I have a feeling that, deep down, you don't want to settle for that!

So welcome to powerful and free self help, with:

  • Great Techniques
  • Fresh Insights
  • New Ideas

to allow you the momentum you want to move forward.

Disclaimer: This free Self Help site is not intended as a substitute for mental health diagnosis and treatment by qualified professionals. If you are taking prescribed medication of any sort, seek professional advice before proceding.

Why Self Help, some people may ask? Doesn't that mean you should know the answers already? Well, the chances are that you do have the answers...

You simply may not have a way to get to them, yet.

You're not alone in this. It may be comforting to you to know that many other people go through this...

... but right now, I imagine you're more focussed on your own issues - that's great, because that's what this free self help site is all about.

So, how liberating would it be if you could learn new ways to unlock the answers and unstick yourself from the old, unhelpful ways of doing things?

    Moment {noun}
  • A brief or indefinite interval of time.
  • The present point in time.
  • A time characterized by a positive distinction.
  • Important or valuable.
  • A significant period in a series of developments.

An introduction from your site author:

Allow me, if I may, to welcome you to my place of inspiration.
Relax and make yourself comfortable for a moment.

I know many of you are either in turmoil or seeking some form of enlightenment, and in the hope of improving as many outlooks as possible I am sharing some of the most potent information I know from experience.

The articles that I have written (and continue to write) for this site contain knowledge that I have spent a considerable amount of time and money acquiring on my life's journey thus far.

When you seek new information, you are already taking active steps to change. As you are reading these words, notice how the voice in your mind is emanating from your place of consideration; a place where ideas may be mused upon, distinct from the 'chattering' place.

The best part here is that you have everything to gain - you will know instinctively what is useful to you, whether you're consciously aware of it or not.

How wonderful!

Now, walk with me...

Table of contents:

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Self Motivation - Daily Motivation
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Dealing With Anxiety - Anxiety Self Help
Dealing with anxiety - free anxiety self help articles to help you recognise anxiety symptoms and how to deal with anxiety attacks.
Self Help For Depression - Dealing With Depression
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Coping With Stress - Dealing With Stress
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Reality is subjective
so you might as well
make it a good one.